Tickets for EuroSciPy

EuroSciPy 2023 will be held from August 14th to August 18th. It will be both in person and virtual. In person, it will be held at Kollegienhaus at University of Basel, Switzerland. Details of the virtual conference will be published soon.

The conference will follow this broad plan of events:

  • Two tutorial days (August 14 and 15, Mon-Tue)
  • Two conference days (August 16 - August 17, Wed-Thu)
  • One-day sprint (August 18, Fri)

Ticket types

We provide three different types of tickets:

  • Tutorial tickets: access to the tutorial days and the one-day sprint but NOT the main conference
  • Conference tickets: access to the main conference days and one-day sprint but NOT the tutorials
  • Combined tickets: access to everything during the five-day event

Which ticket tier should I buy?

Refer to the following to know which ticket tier you should be choosing to attend EuroSciPy:

  • Business tickets: for attendees whose company/business is paying for them to attend, or if you use Python professionally.
  • Academic/Individual tickets: for anyone involved in the academic sector (teachers, researchers, etc.) as well as Python hobbyist or working as freelancer.
  • Student tickets: for students that can provide a proof to be send to

Ticket prices

Normal Bird Tickets - Booking by July 28

Student (*) Academic/Individual Business
Tutorial only 125 € 150 € 300 €
Conference only 125 € 150 € 250 €
Combined ticket 200 € 250 € 500 €

Late Bird Tickets - Booking after July 28

Due to organization burden, we will apply a late bird when tickets are booked after July 28.

Student (*) Academic/Individual Business
Tutorial only 175 € 200 € 350 €
Conference only 175 € 200 € 300 €
Combined ticket 300 € 350 € 600 €

(*) After registration, please send your student qualifying proof to

(**) Streaming access tickets have been discontinued due to low demand.

Prices include VAT.

Get your ticket 🐍

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