We are pleased to announce the following keynotes at EuroSciPy this year.

Integrating Ethics in ML: From Philosophical Foundations to Practical Implementations

Giada Pistilli - Hugging Face


In the rapidly evolving landscape of Machine Learning (ML), significant advancements like Large Language Models (LLMs) are gaining critical importance in both industrial and academic spheres. However, the rush towards deploying advanced models harbors inherent ethical tensions and potential adverse societal impacts. The keynote will start with a brief introduction to the principles of ethics, viewed through the lens of philosophy, emphasizing how these fundamental concepts find application within ML. Grounding our discussion in tangible realities, we will delve into pertinent case studies, including the BigScience open science initiative, elucidating the practical application of ethical considerations. Additionally, the keynote will touch upon findings from my recent research, which investigates the synergy between ethical charters, legal tools, and technical documentation in the context of ML development and deployment.


Giada Pistilli is a philosophy researcher specializing in ethics applied to Conversational AI. Her research is mainly focused on ethical frameworks, value theory, applied and descriptive ethics. After obtaining a master’s degree in ethics and political philosophy at Sorbonne University, she pursued her doctoral research in the same faculty. Giada is also Principal Ethicist at Hugging Face, where she conducts philosophical and interdisciplinary research on AI Ethics and content moderation. Her publications, resume, and contact information are available on her website.


Ritchie Vink


Polars is the “relatively” new fast dataframe implementation that redefines what DataFrames are able to do on a single machine, both in regard with performance and dataset size. In this talk we will dive into polars and see what makes it so efficient. It will touch on technologies like Arrow, Rust, parallelism, data structures, query optimization and more.


Ritchie Vink is the author of the Polars DataFrame library and query engine. He has been working as a software engineer and machine learning engineer for 8 years. Before he started polars, he did many side projects on varying topics in computer science and statistics.