Venue and Location

EuroSciPy 2023 takes place in Basel, Switzerland from Monday August 14th until Friday August 18th.

Basel lies in the heart of Europe, on both banks of the river Rhine. The city is the center of the idyllic border triangle of France, Germany, and Switzerland – lying between the Swiss Jura, Germany’s Black Forest, and the Vosges in Alsace. To get info about Basel city, its restaurants, tours, etc., see the city’s webpage.


Main Venue (Conference and Tutorials)



Petersplatz. 1,

CH-4051 Basel, Switzerland

The venue is very close to Basel old city and city center. It is also walking distance from the Rhine river.

Sprints Location



Roshoffgasse 2,

CH-4051 Basel, Switzerland

How to come to Basel?

By Plane

EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg is an international airport in the French Alsace region. In the airport, after the baggage claim, you will find two exits: one to Switzerland through the Swiss customs check, the other to France/Germany through the EU customs check.

To get to the city from the airport, take the Swiss exit. Right outside the building, you will find the bus 50 to the SBB train station going through the city.

By Train

Basel has two train stations:

  1. Basel SBB is the central train station of Basel served mainly by Swiss Federal Railways. To get to the conference venue from the SBB, take tram 8, tram 11, or bus 30.

  2. Basel Badischer Bahnhof (Basel Bad Bhf), all long-distance and regional trains of Deutsche Bahn (DB) and Swiss Federal Railways between Germany and Switzerland stop here. To get to the venue from the Bad Bhf, you can easily take tram 6 or bus 30.

By Bus

There is a bus terminal right beside the Basel SBB train station for long-distance bus services like FlixBus.

By Car

If you are coming by car, try to book a hotel with a parking place. Parking your car in the city can get rather expensive. For people with disability, you can park your car in the City Parkhaus which is the closest parking house to the venue. You can take the lift towards Petersplatz, the venue is then less than 100 meters away.

How to get around in Basel?

The venue is right in the city center, you can walk around easily. Most places in Basel city can be reached by foot.

Bus and Trams

There are many bus and tram connections to reach any part of the city, as well as to the bordering German and French towns. Check the regional transportation within three countries’ corner here.

Rent an e-bike or e-Scooter

Basel can best be explored on two wheels. The city is built on multiple hills, so it is a wise decision to rent an e-bike. There are multiple organizations offering e-bike rentals, one is pickebike.

You can also rent an electronic scooter to explore the city easily and in a fun way, see info here.


Since Basel is a border city, you can book hotels either in the Basel city center in Switzerland or consider cheaper options in the bordering French or German towns.

Hotels in the Basel City

Here are a few hotels with reasonable prices very close to the venue:

Hotels in the Bordering Towns

You can also consider booking accommodation in the bordering towns all of which have public transportation directly to the Basel city center and the venue. The border towns are connected to Basel city.

  • Grenzach-Wyhlen: a small German town by the Rhine river with plenty of hotels. There is a direct bus connection to the conference venue (bus 38), duration of less than 20 min. There is also a train station, one stop away from Basel Badischer Bahnhof. We recommend Hotel Eckert with a fantastic Michelin Star restaurant. There are a few other good hotels in this town.
  • St Louis: a small French town on the border with cheap apartments and hotels. You can get to the venue directly by tram (tram 8) or bus (bus 604).
  • Lörrach: the closest German city to the border. It has direct bus and train connections to Basel. This city has many hotels and other accommodation types.
  • Weil am Rhine: a small German town on the border to France with a direct tram connection to the Basel city center. It has the cheapest hotel options.


The conference has organized a guided walking tour of the historical old town, book your spot on a tour, see more info here.

Once in Basel, be like locals, try floating in the Rhine. Swimming in the Rhine is the most popular sport in summer. Bring your swimming suit, buy a Wickelfisch to put your belongings in, and float on.

Like locals, try a relaxing mini picnic on the stairs by the Rhine river in the evenings.

Basel is known as the capital of art in Switzerland, it has many galleries and museums. You can find a list of the most popular sights here.

Restaurant, Café, Bar

We recommend the following restaurant, cafés, and bars in Basel:

  • Vegetarian/Vegan:
    • Zaza, a Lebanese restaurant very close to the venue.
    • non la, a Vietnamese restaurant.
  • Swiss Food:
  • By Rhine:
    • Ufer7, a cozy restaurant with a Rhine terrace.
    • Sandoase, a sand beach club in the corner of three countries with a fast food restaurant and bar. (Location of the social event.)
    • Le Rhin Bleu, a Mediterranean restaurant on a platform over the Rhine with a fabulous view. It also has a lounge, bar, and swimming area.
    • Flora Buvette, snack and drink.
    • Saint Louis Buvette, snack and drink.
  • Café and Bar:
    • Luna, an Italian café very close to the venue.
    • Confiserie Schiesser, Swiss confectionary and café, the oldest coffee house in Switzerland.
    • Spale Bar, an old bar very close to the venue.
  • Pizza:
  • Food-court Style:
  • Other:
    • Matt and Elly, casual fine dining with tapas and beer tasting.
    • Mirai, Japanese ramen and grill.
    • Lebua, a Thai restaurant.
    • Pinar, an Anatolian restaurant.