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Jump Trading


Jump Trading has been at the forefront of quantitative trading since its founding 15 years ago. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader that quietly sets the standard for sophisticated trading strategies. With a strong track record of success through all market conditions, the firm has grown to over 450 people with offices located in Chicago, New York, London, and Singapore. At Jump, we enjoy a casual workplace atmosphere and a flat organizational structure. You will enjoy the upsides of a startup, but have the stability of an established company. Our founders not only encourage, but expect employees to explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions. We are looking for brilliant, motivated, and intellectually-curious individuals with backgrounds in programming, mathematics or quantitative analysis to join our elite teams:

TRADING – devise and implement new strategies by collaborating with extraordinary researchers from diverse technical and quantitative disciplines

CORE TECHNOLOGY – cooperate on the unparalleled infrastructure that is the backbone of our research platform and powers our high-speed trading on more than 60 exchanges

QUALITY ASSURANCE – validate components of the trading system using deep functional knowledge and progressively-developed tools in order to ensure a high-quality production environment

QUANT SUPPORT/RESEARCH ENGINEERING – team up with physicists, mathematicians, and the Linux gurus responsible for our high performance computing environment to develop large-scale, distributed, research solutions

R&D – innovate in the high performance computing space and perform exploratory research on the cutting edge of low latency technologies

VENDOR DATA – collaborate with experienced data scientists to identify fluctuations and uncover opportunities in raw data



Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.


Oxford Nanopore Technologies develops low cost, portable sequencing devices empowering any individual to analyse DNA, RNA, proteins and chemicals in any organism or the environment. ONT technology is applicable to multiple markets like personalised medicine, diagnostics, drug development, life science research and security and defence.

We are actively recruiting well-seasoned Python, C++, and AngularJS developers having a penchant for best coding practices, deep knowledge of their technology and pride in their work.



JetBrains delivers intelligent software solutions that make developers more productive by simplifying their challenging tasks, automating the routine, and helping them adopt the best development practices. PyCharm is an intelligent Python IDE by JetBrains providing a complete set of tools for productive Python, Django and Web development, available in three editions. The free and open-source PyCharm Community Edition is perfect for pure Python coding. PyCharm Professional Edition is designed for professional Python and Web developers. PyCharm Educational Edition helps novice programmers learn programming with Python easily and effectively.

Met Office


Like millions of others, you probably know us best for the weather reports you receive through the media. But did you know that our forecasts reach as far as space?

High profile partner organisations around the world, from governments and the military rely on our expertise to operate safely and efficiently. We even help to keep planes flying safely in the sky.

We collaborate to challenge the ordinary because we believe in the best. Our Super Computer, one of the biggest in the world, helps us to deliver extraordinary results. It’s an exciting journey!


Python Academy GmbH & Co. KG


Python Academy is a specialized Python training company. We offer open courses for individuals as well as customized on-site courses for companies and institutes. We cover a wide range of Python topics from introductory to advanced, Python for scientists and engineers, web development, code optimization and many more.
In addition to training, we consult companies that migrate to Python and develop high-quality Python software often in combination with training. Our special expertise is scientific and technical software development with Python.


ActiveState Komodo IDE


Komodo IDE by ActiveState is a powerful, full featured IDE written in—and for—Python, although it also works with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, Go, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Tcl, and a variety of other languages and frameworks! Komodo is designed with Python development in mind, providing syntax checking, smart code and API assistance, code refactoring and code reformatting, visual real time debugging, code profiling, regular expression helper, unit testing, version control system integration and more. Whether for teams or individuals, our flexible licensing options, multi-OS installers, and full feature set make Komodo the best Python IDE on the market today.

Packt Publishing




NumFOCUS promotes and supports the ongoing research and development of open-source computing tools through educational, community, and public channels.

NumFOCUS has been sponsoring travel grants for EuroScipy in the past three years.