Sprints are held on Aug 30. Participation to the sprints is free of charge.

Please notify the contact person for the sprint that you wish to attend. This will help the planning in terms of rooms and food.


The pandas project: please contact Joris Van den Bossche ( jorisvandenbossche at gmail.com) for details.


The astropy project: please contact Brigitta Sipocz (bsipocz at gmail.com) for details

EuroSciPy Conference Website

Djep is a Django-based conference organizing software. It was used for three PyCon DE and the 2014 EuroPython conferences. We consider using this software for EuroSciPy 2016 and following years. We need to port it to the latest version of Django and Django-CMS. We might also work on HTML templates and CSS for the new EuroSciPy site.

Please join the sprint and help the EuroSciPy conference organizers. Django experience would be helpful but is no prerequisite to participate in the sprint.

Please contact Mike Müller (mmueller [at] python-academy [dot] de) for more details.

Scikit-image and SciPy Lecture Notes

Friday evening at 6PM in Enthought's office (Broers building).
Contact: Emmanuelle Gouillart @EGouillart