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Cambridge, UK - 27-30 August 2014

Temperature diagnostics of the solar atmosphere using SunPy

Drew Leonard


There have been many previous studies of the temperature of the Sun's atmosphere. Almost all of these studies use the SolarSoft software package written in IDL, which has been the standard language for solar phsyics for many years but has the significant drawback that IDL can be very expensive. The SunPy project aims to provide an open-source library for solar physics. This work presents (to the author's knowledge) the first study of its type to use SunPy rather than SolarSoft.

This work uses SunPy to process multi-wavelength solar images and produce temperature maps of the Sun's atmosphere. The method uses SunPy's utilities for querying databases of solar events, downloading solar image data, storing and processing images as spatially aware Map objects, and tracking solar features as the Sun rotates.