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Cambridge, UK - 27-30 August 2014

About the conference

The EuroSciPy conference was initiated in Leipzig in 2008 and 2009. In 2010 and 2011 it moved to Paris and is hosted for 2012 and 2013 in Brussels. Archives of previous conferences are available:


Write to: euroscipy-org (at) python (dot) org

Openness statement

EuroSciPy is open to all (including rubyists ;-)) In particular, the organising committee features prominent female contributors to the ecosystem and all submissions are assessed solely on their technical merit. Unlike other Python conferences, we have no official code of conduct because this would not differ in any way from that expected and enforced in any other professional environment. It is our wish and expectation that all participants will be made to feel welcome and will leave the meeting enriched and enthused by it.


Conference Chairs

Mark Hayes, University of Cambridge, UK
Didrik Pinte, Enthought Europe, UK

Tutorial Chair

David Cournapeau, Enthought Europe, UK

Program Chair

Ralf Gommers, ASML, The Netherlands

Program Committee

Tiziano Zito, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
Pierre de Buyl, KU Leuven, Belgium
Emmanuelle Gouillart, Joint Unit CNRS/Saint-Gobain, France
Konrad Hinsen, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France
Raphael Ritz, Garching Computing Centre of the Max Planck Society, Germany
Stéfan van der Walt, Applied Mathematics, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Gaël Varoquaux, INRIA Parietal, Saclay, France
Nelle Varoquaux, Mines ParisTech, France
Pauli Virtanen, Aalto University, Finland
Evgeni Burovski, Lancaster University, UK
Robert Cimrman, New Technologies Research Centre, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic
Almar Klein, Cybermind, The Netherlands

Organizing Committee

Pierre de Buyl, KU Leuven, Belgium
Simon Jagoe, Enthought Europe, UK