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Cambridge, UK - 27-30 August 2014


Tutorials will be held in the Hauser Forum (beginners) and the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM, intermediate/advanced tutorials).

!! Registration for tutorials will be organized at the Hauser Forum.

The Scientific track will be held in the William Gates building.

!! Registration for tutorials will be organized in the William Gates building.


Aug. 29, 2014

  William Gates Building
09:00 Keynote: Crossing Language Barriers with Julia, Scipy, and IPython Steven G. Johnson
10:00 SunPy: Python for Solar Physics Stuart Mumford

Coffee break

11:00 The Radio astronomical TRAnsient detection Pipeline (TRAP) Gijs Molenaar
11:30 HyperSpy, a Python package for multidimensional data analysis Francisco de la Peña
11:50 State of the Astropy universe Christoph Deil

Lunch break

14:00 Data Matching and Big Data Deduping in Python Nikit Saraf
14:30 Accelerating Random Forests in Scikit-Learn Gilles Louppe
15:00 Neural Networks for Computer Vision Kyle Kastner

Coffee break


Poster previews and poster session


Aug. 30, 2014

  William Gates Building
09:00 Keynote: Python Programming in Science Education Ben Nuttall
10:00 Firedrake: a High-level, Portable Finite Element Computation Framework Florian Rathgeber

Coffee Break

11:00 IPython: protocol, kernels and new features Thomas Kluyver, Matthias BUSSONNIER
11:30 Developing Scientific Simulation Systems - From Use Case to Generalization Mike Müller
11:50 PyFAI: a Python library for high performance azimuthal integration on GPU Jerome Kieffer, Giannis Ashiotis, ?
12:10 Single Pythonic Molecules Rebecca Murphy
12:20 A python-based post-processing tool-set for seismic analyses Steve Brasier

Lunch Break

14:00 Introducing Vispy's high level modules: easy yet powerful visualization for everyone Almar Klein, Nicolas P. Rougier, Cyrille Rossant, Eric Larson, Luke Campagnola
14:20 Plotly: Collaboritive Python and matplotlib Plotting Matthew Sundquist
14:40 Efficient large data operations with Biggus Patrick Peglar
15:10 the failure of python object serialization: why HPC in python is broken, and how to fix it Michael McKerns

Coffee Break


Lightning talks and poster session