A printable PDF of the program can be found here.

Tutorials are hands-on sessions, therefore you should bring your own laptop and follow our installation instructions for tutorials

Monday 28/08 - Tutorial day 1

Intro Advanced
08:30 registration
9:00 Python
Guillaume Lemaître
Olivier Grisel & Tim Head
10:30 morning break
11:00 Python
Guillaume Lemaître
Olivier Grisel & Tim Head
12:30 lunch
14:00 Numpy
Gert Ingold
Advanced Pandas
Joris Van den Bossche
15:30 afternoon break
16:00 Numpy
Gert Ingold
Mridul Seth

Tuesday 29/08 - Tutorial day 2

Intro Advanced
08:30 registration
09:00 Matplotlib
Mike Mueller
Emmanuelle Gouillart
10:30 morning break
11:00 Pandas
Joris Van den Bossche
Valerio Maggio
12:30 lunch
14:00 SciPy
Gaël Varoquaux
Stefan Behnel
15:30 afternoon break
16:00 Git
Gert Ingold
Sartaj Singh & Gaurav Dhingra

Wednesday 30/08 - Conference day 1

08:30 registration
09:00 Opening notes
09:15 How to Fix a Scientific Culture: Psychology as a Cautionary Tale and Paragon
Keynote by Julia Rohrer
10:15 Getting the hang of WASM
Almar Klein
10:30 morning break
11:00 Interactive 3D Visualization in Jupyter Notebooks
Vidar Tonaas Fauske
11:15 Arcas - Using Python to access open research literature
Nikoleta E. Glynatsi
11:30 Real-time Crowd-sourced Detection of Earthquakes
Robert Steed
11:45 Pyrate - Optical Raytracing Based on Python
Johannes Hartung & Moritz Esslinger
12:00 Working with Audio Data in Python
Bastian Bechtold
12:15 Simphony-Remote - Accessing containerized desktop and web applications with a web browser
Stefano Borini
12:30 lunch
14:00 GeoPandas - geospatial data in Python made easy
Joris Van den Bossche
14:30 Learning 2D Animation with Processing
Melanie McCall
14:45 Introduction into the ppci project
Windel Bouwman
15:00 nbval - Testing your notebooks
Thomas Kluyver
15:15 Testing the unknown: how to test scientific codes
Alice Harpole
15:30 afternoon break
16:00 Poster introductions (2 minute talks)
16:30 Poster session
17:30 BOF about organizing EuroSciPy 2018 in Hörsaal F (a.k.a. the small room)
19:00 Social event: guided tour in Entlas Keller

Thursday 31/08 - Conference day 2

08:30 registration
09:00 PyTorch - a framework for fast, dynamic deep learning and scientific computing
Keynote by Soumith Chintala
10:00 Fully Convolutional Networks for Image Segmentation
Daniil Pakhomov
10:15 FluRS - A Library for Streaming Recommendation Algorithms
Takuya Kitazawa
10:30 morning break
11:00 Handshakes, Citizen Science and Evolution
Vince Knight
11:15 fastmat - A simple Package for Fast Linear Transforms
Sebastian Semper & Christoph Wagner
11:30 AutoWIG: Wrapping very large C++ libraries in Python automatically
Pierre Fernique
11:45 Leverage knowledge from under-represented classes in machine learning: an introduction to imbalanced-learn
Guillaume Lemaitre
12:00 The OpenTURNS uncertainty quantification Python module
Michael Baudin
12:15 Deep Learning for Fraud Detection
Valerio Maggio
12:30 lunch
14:00 Tricks for Efficient Multicore Computing
Oliver Grisel
14:30 AMfe - Finite Elements for Structural Dynamics with Simplicity in Mind
Christian Meyer
14:45 Bayesian Optimization - Can you do better than randomly guessing parameters?
Tim Head
15:15 Autoscaling distributed compute with Dask, Kubernetes and AWS
Jacob Tomlinson & Alex Hilson
15:30 afternoon break
16:00 Lightning Talks

Friday 01/09 - Sprints

Several projects will be sprinting on Friday. These sprints are a great opportunity to get started with contributing to your favorite project. If you want to organize a sprint, please contact the organization.