Tutorials last either 90 minutes or 180 minutes. In the latter case, they are split in two sessions.

The exact hours are subject to change to account for the logistics of coffee and lunch breaks.

Tuesday 28 august

Time Introductory Advanced Applications
9:00 Introduction to Jupyter, M. Muller Advanced Python constructs for scientists and engineers, Pietro Berkes Doing bioinformatics with scikit-bio and BioPython, Joris Vankerschaver
11:00 Introduction to Python, M. Rastgoo & G. Lemaitre Databases for scientists, A. Hendorf Geospatial data I
14:00 Introduction to Python, M. Rastgoo & G. Lemaitre From exploratory computing to performances, a tour of Python profiling and optimization, A. Ingargiola Geospatial data II
16:00 NumPy I, G. Ingold Privacy for Data Scientists, Katharine Jarmul Topic Modelling, Parul Sethi

Wednesday 29 august

Time Introductory Advanced Applications
9:00 NumPy II, G. Ingold The Hitchhiker's Guide to Parallelism with Python, D. Valters Advanced machine learning, Y. Peleg
11:00 Matplotlib, Alexandre de Siqueira Parallel Data Analysis with Dask, Ian Stokes Rees Understanding and diagnosing your machine-learning models, G. Varoquaux
14:00 Pandas, TBA Data visualization -- from default and suboptimal to efficient and awesome, B. Gorelik Deep Diving into GANs: From Theory to Production Michele De Simoni, Paolo Galeone
16:00 Scipy, TBA CFFI, Ctypes, Cython: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, M. Picus Deep Learning in Python using Chainer, C. Loomis