Sponsoring EuroSciPy 2019

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Organising institutions

El ámbito de trabajo del grupo de Inteligencia Computacional es la aplicación de técnicas de Inteligencia Artificial, basadas en técnicas estadísticas, a diversos aspectos de la percepción y control en sistemas.

Las técnicas que se conocen van desde algoritmos de clustering y cuantización vectorial, redes neuronales, Hidden Markov Models, algoritmos supervisados de clasificación, hasta el procesado de imagen y la visión por computador.

Las aplicaciones van desde los sistemas de interacción hombre máquina avanzados, control de robots móviles, diagnosis basada en imágenes médicas, sistemas de seguridad en el trabajo basados en inteligencia ambiental, comunicación gestual con personas sordas, hasta la inspección de procesos y productos y la psicología experimental.

In a prosperous region stretching along the Atlantic coast of northern Spain, the people of the Basque Country are the custodians of one of Europe's most ancient languages and cultures. Yet, they not only have a high esteem for tradition, but are also remarkably forward-looking and have established a highly regarded industrial sector.

The region's success and scientific and technological progress are underpinned by the University of the Basque Country, a vibrant 30-year-old institution with 45,000 students, 5,000 world-class academic staff and state-of-the-art facilities.

Platinum sponsors

Intrepid Control Systems provides measurement and data logging hardware solutions for Python developers. Our tools capture industrial and laboratory type measurements such as temperature, pressure, voltage, and other process measurements. Intrepid hardware can store data in the cloud (IoT) backed by integrated analysis using Python on the server.

Recognized worldwide for our innovative engineering tools, we have offices in the USA, China, Japan, England, Germany, India, Korea, and Australia for direct sales and support.

Find out more at www.intrepidcs.com.

Gold sponsors

Intel®, a world leader in computing innovation, delivers highly optimized Python Packages to developers. Achieve faster Python* application performance—right out of the box—with minimal or no changes to your code. Accelerated NumPy*, SciPy*, and scikit-learn* via integrated Intel® Performance Libraries such as Intel® Math Kernel Library and Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library. Access the latest vectorization and multithreading instructions via Numba* and Cython*, composable parallelism with Threading Building Blocks.

Download Intel Distribution for Python today.

TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. TensorFlow makes it easy for beginners and experts to help develop and train ML models. Get started quickly by running Colab notebooks directly in your browser.

Learn more at https://www.tensorflow.org/

Silver sponsors

Founded in 2001, Enthought helped establish Python's scientific community and became an early leader in scientific digital transformation. Our team of "scientists who code" pairs in-depth science expertise with data strategy, modeling, simulation, AI and more to transform businesses that depend on science.

We solve complex problems for some of the most innovative and respected organizations across the oil and gas, life sciences, chemical, and semiconductor industries. Enthought is a highly collaborative, low-hierarchy workplace. "Enthoughters" are passionate about life, intellectually curious, dedicated to doing quality work, friendly, and fun.

Enthought is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Houston, Texas, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Zürich, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan.

Bronze sponsors

Python Academy is a specialized Python training company. We offer open courses for individuals as well as customized on-site courses for companies and institutes. We cover a wide range of Python topics from introductory to advanced, Python for scientists and engineers, big data, machine learning, web development, code optimization, and many more.

In addition to training, we consult companies that migrate to Python and develop high-quality Python software often in combination with training. Our special expertise is scientific and technical software development with Python.

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. With Microsoft Azure you can build,deploy, and manage applications with a comprehensive set of cloud services designed for you.

Learn more about Microsoft and the endless possibilities with Microsoft Azure on Monday, September 2 with Dr. Tania Allard during her session, Building data pipelines in Python: Airflow vs scripts soup. We are excited to see you at EuroSciPy 2019!

Financial Aid sponsors

The mission of NumFOCUS is to promote open practices in research, data, and scientific computing by serving as a fiscal sponsor for open source projects and organizing community-driven educational programs.

NumFOCUS envisions an inclusive scientific and research community that utilizes actively supported open source software to make impactful discoveries for a better world.

NumFOCUS is a 501(c)3 public charity in the United States.

The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers. The majority of the PSF's work is focused on empowering and supporting people within the Python community. The PSF has active grant programs that support sprints, conferences, meet ups, user groups, and Python development efforts all over the world. In addition, the PSF underwrites and runs PyCon US, the primary Python community conference. Being part of the PSF means being part of the Python community. Recently we changed the PSF to an open membership organization, so that everyone who uses and supports Python can join. To learn more, visit https://www.python.org/psf/membership.

The EuroPython Society (EPS) is a Swedish non-profit organization which organizes EuroPython conferences, supports the Python community in Europe and holds the rights to the EuroPython conference series and trademarks.

The EPS was formed in 2004, with the mission to turn EuroPython into a successful Python conference series for the years to come. In 2016, we have extended our mission to further the use of the programming language Python in Europe and organize events centered around the programming language Python to support this.

Community sponsors

O’Reilly is a learning company that helps individuals, teams, and enterprises build skills to succeed in a world defined by technology-driven transformation. From in-person conferences and live online training courses to self-directed learning and immediate access to problem solving online, O’Reilly has you and your team covered.

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At JetBrains, code is our passion. For over 15 years we have strived to make the strongest, most effective developer tools on earth. By automating routine checks and corrections, our tools speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and create.