Networking at EuroSciPy

Telegram group

Once the main sessions (tutorials, talks,...) end at EuroSciPy, it is a great time to meet new people, and get to discover the local culture and gastronomy.

To make sure you know when and where people is meeting after the conference, and propose your plans, please join our Telegram group.

Social events

There will be two social events during the conference, in a traditional cider house:

You can go to the restaurant directly, or follow the organisers who will depart from the main entrance of the conference venue 15 minutes before dinner time (at 7:45pm).

You can join any of the events (or both), no matter which part of the conference you are attending.

Social event tickets

The Social Event ticket can be purchased here:

The number of spaces for the social event are limited. See the section pintxos if the event is full.


Txoko Piperrak
Travesía Uribitarte, 1
48001 Bilbao

EuroSciPy menu

The dinner will consist of several traditional cider house dishes:

If you have any special food requirement, please let us know when purchasing the social event ticket. There will be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and other options, but those need to be requested in advanced.

The restaurant will also have a vegan menu option:


Pintxos are snacks, usually consisting of a mixture of ingredients on top of a small slice of bread. Traditionally, they are accompanied by a small glass of wine (txikito) or beer (zurito), and people move from one pintxo bar to another after every pintxo or two.

There is a strong socializing component in eating pintxos, that we would love to bring at EuroSciPy. Join the conference Telegram group to discuss the pintxos route of every day.