Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this conference?

As almost all Python and PyData conferences this event is run and organised by volunteers contributing free time and supported by community sponsors contributing work time of their employees. Any conference profits will go back to the community and Open Source via the Python San Sebastian Society (ACPySS).

The organizers for EuroSciPy 2019 are listed in the about page. Earlier editions are documented in the respective yearly pages.

What can I do to support?

Lighten our communication load: read our update emails (check your spam), be proactive and try to find answers by googling or via our community channels as the open Telegram group.

What is the conference language?

The conference is all in English.

When will the conference open / close?

Please check the home page.

We will open the venue around 1 hour before for registration on the first talks and tutorials days. On the second days we will open the venue 30 minutes before the conference starts.

The venue will close around 18:00 each day.

Sprints will be open 9:00 - 18:00 (tbc.).

Visa - I need a visa to go to the conference location. Could you please write me an invitation letter?

If you require an invitation letter please fill in this form and the letter will be provided to you by email.

Is childcare provided?

No, we are really sorry! We would love to find a solution, but we have no idea how or have enough workforce to solve this. Please contact us if you have found a solution good for you, we can help spreading the information and maybe supporting it financially.


What can I do to support?

The layout of the conference will be: 2 days with 3 parallel tracks of tutorials, 2 days with 3 parallel tracks of talks, and one day of programming sprints.

What about tutorials?

Yes, there will be tutorials. Please check the program.

Lightning Talks

A lightning talk (LT) is a short presentation of maximum five minutes. To sign up for a lightning talk please put your name and topic on the whiteboard next to the registration desk. Signing up is first-come-first-serve basis. The queue is reset every day in the morning. You may talk about / present about (almost) everything except: no promotion for products or companies, no call for 'we are hiring' (but you may name your employer). Conference announcements are limited to one minute only. One LT per day per speaker only. Any speaker not having given a LT at the conference is ahead of anyone who has given a LT already.

Call for Proposals / Speaking at the conference

How can I speak at the conference?

The Call for Proposals has been closed already. Please check the program.

When will I get notified?

All speakers have been notified. If in doubt please also see the program.

How can I edit my speaker profile?

Go to the CfP page. Log in (upper right or bottom). Once logged in there is a dropdown menu at the upper right, select My profile. Being logged in will work also.

How can I edit my proposals?

Go to the CfP page. Log in (upper right or bottom). Once logged in there is a dropdown menu at the upper right, select My submissions. Being logged in will work also.

Can I add another speaker to my proposal?

Yes you can add another speaker to your proposal via Pretalx but please note there is only one ticket discount per talk and additional speakers will have to purchase a ticket.

I have submitted a talk, but would like to make some edits after the CfP.

Please feel free to make reasonable edits and improvements to your description any time. Regardless, your talk must not become a different one. Changes are monitored.

Are speakers invited to the conference?

Accepted speakers will be provided a ticket discount (i.e. Early Bird ticket price) for the conference but we do not cover any travel or accommodation costs.

What about internet during my talk?

There will be no guaranteed internet for the talks, try to avoid making your presentation depend on internet connections. Use internet at your own risk. Though we try our best briefing the providers - conference WiFi performance might not meet everyone's expectations.

Could you give more details about the poster session?

The panels for the posters will be installed in the morning of the poster session day (look the schedule) in the hall and will be removed on the same day at the end of the conference, so authors can hang up their posters for entire day.

The size of the panel is: 100x250 cm.


What is the right ticket to buy?

Company and freelancers must buy company tickets. Simple rule: If you do make any money from using Python in a business fashion: buy a company ticket. Student tickets are available for students, post-docs, academic researchers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and people just learning the language.

What about student tickets?

Students have to present a valid student ID at the conference. If you are a student or will be a student while the conference is running you are eligible for one student ticket. In case you are a student now but won't be a student in when the conference happens we cannot offer you a student ticket.

I'm on a budget and cannot afford a ticket.

Please have a look at our financial aid and scholarship program. The program will open around 2 months before the conference. Please check back our website for more details.

Is it possible to purchase Individual tickets as a company?


Is it possible to purchase Student tickets as a company?

Yes, the attendee must present a valid student ID to enter the conference.

I'm an academic researcher, which one is the right ticket for me?

As academic researcher one can buy an Individual ticket, Please note the Individual tickets for logistic reasons will not show any affiliation on the badge. If this is important to you, business ticket is the way to go.

Can I pay ticket by invoice?

No, purchase via the website only, which requires a credit card.

Where can I find the invoice?

Once the purchase is finished you will receive two emails from Tito, one contains the link to your invoice, you can add/edit the invoicing address as well.

Can I order tickets via purchase orders?

No, tickets are sold exclusively via the website. If you like to see more service consider sponsoring the conference.

I sent you a purchase order but never got an answer.

Sorry for this, but we do not accept purchase orders for tickets, please buy via the website.

Do you offer discounts for purchasing multiple tickets at once?

No, we do not offer discounts.

When are you going to start selling the tickets?

Check our main page or Twitter. There will be a limited amount of early bird tickets available, once these are sold out regular tickets will become available.

How much are the tickets?

Ticket prices can be found here.

Ticket prices VAT

All ticket prices include 0% VAT. ACPySS is a non-profit society in the Basque Country, Spain, which pays VAT for its expenses. As EuroSciPy is an educational event we have been assigned from the Basque Tax Office that all our conference tickets have 0% VAT.

Are tickets refundable?

Yes, tickets are refundable until 1 month before the conference. No refunds after that. You may re-assign the ticket to someone else if you cannot make it or donate it to the financial aid programme. Please send an email to us to request a refund, refunds will be credited to the credit card used for purchase only.

How can I change information on my badge?

We will use the information you provide via Tito for the conference badges. To change information you may only do this via Tito (just follow the links in the emails with your ticket). This includes

If you buy multiple tickets, please make sure the people you purchase the tickets for will enter all information timely. This includes

Conference badges will be printed upfront, please make sure all information is in place by 3 weeks before the conference. Any changes after this date will probably not reflect on the badges.

Do you offer any day-tickets?


Are badges transferable?

No, all badges are valid for the person it was assigned to only.


Do you have extra discount codes for sponsors?

No, we don't offer any extra discount codes. We will assign you the tickets included in your sponsoring package directly.

Are sponsors free to set up their own sponsoring booth?

Yes, but it must fit the space mentioned on the invoice.

How many tickets are in the sponsoring packages included and how many employees are allowed to come for the sponsoring table - additionally?

We don’t offer additional free tickets for employees at the sponsoring table. Depending on the sponsoring package, if you have three tickets available for example, you can do with it whatever you want. Give one to employees for the sponsoring table and two for the conference or however it fits for your company best.

Do the sponsors get any visibility during the sprint days?

A banner showing their names or something, or is the sponsorship purely for the conference days? - Purely for the days on the conference.

Are the sponsor tickets valid for the sprint days?

Yes, like the normal tickets.

Sponsoring package prices VAT

All sponsoring package prices are net plus statutory VAT in the amount valid at the time.

Where to send the Merchandise as a Sponsor?

Bizkaia Aretoa
Contact: Darya Chyzhyk
EuroSciPy 2019 / exhibition or swag
Avda. Abandoibarra etorbidea, 3
48009 Bilbao

If you did not find the answer you are looking for above, contact us: