This talk aims to introduce attendees to SymPy, a computer aided algebra system (CAS) written in Python. I will show basics of constructing and manipulating mathematical expressions in SymPy, the most common issues and differences from other computer algebra systems, and how to deal with them.

SymPy is a part of SciPy stack & It would be good for people to get introduced with the ability of Python in Scientific Computing ecosystem. It will also interest both the mathematically inclined and those who want to use features of a powerful open source Computer Algebra System.

Attendees will take home an introductory level understanding of SymPy. This knowledge should be enough for attendees to start using SymPy for solving mathematical problems.

The talk will address the following topics:

General Introduction about SymPy. What is Symbolic Computation Difference between Symbolics and Numerics. Why use SymPy (The need) A brief history about the project - optional Existing Feature base Show examples via jupyter notebooks. General Stats about the project. Issues with the project and the solutions Future of the project and Q/A session