Session: A global approach to muscle modeling with Python


Our team in the laboratory "BioMecanique et BioIngenierie" at the University of Technology of Compiegne (France) is working on analyzing and understanding muscle electrical activity. Recently, we focused on building multiscale and multiphysics models of muscles to simulate of generation of ElectroMyoGrahic signals. Our work is applied to two different kind of muscles: the uterus and skeletal muscles. Over the past 5 years, all the softwares related to modeling in our team have been written in Python: graphical interfaces to manage simulations, core model computations and also data visualisation, model analysis. We propose to present our approach and our use of Python as multipurpose tool to solve the various problem dealing with complex physiological models of human organs. To illustrated, we will describe the software which have been developed covering these different usages. Some of the softwares have already been open sourced. Python has proven itself a versatile tool for scientist, allowing us to quickly implement our models but also build a full toolchain to use them and opening to a possible wider audience.