Valerio Maggio

Valerio Maggio

Valerio Maggio has a PhD. in Computational Science from the University of Naples “Federico II” and he is currently a Postdoc researcher at the University of Salerno. His research interests are mainly focused on Machine Learning, recently combined with Semantic Web technologies for linked data and big data analysis.

Valerio started developing open source software in 2004, when he was a bachelor degree student. In 2006, he wrote his first lines of Python in his favourite Vim-based dev environment. From then on, he contributed to several open source projects in this language. Currently he uses Python as a mainstream language for his machine learning code, making an intensive use of Scikit-learn and Matplotlib to crunch, munge, and analyse experimental data.

Valerio is also a member of the Italian Python community, who enjoys playing chess and drinking tea.


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