Ji Zhou

I am interested in bioimage informatics related software development, so that my team and I could use cutting edge algorithms and software solutions to extract features from large-scale biological image datasets in plant research. Since my recent appointment between TGAC and JIC, I have been focusing on establishing JIC’s field phenotyping platform and developing high-throughput bioimage analysis pipelines based on high performance computing infrastructures at TGAC. My research looks into the phenotyping bottleneck in crop science as well as how to provide precise quantitative phenotypic description for linking genes to key traits.

Prior to my career at TGAC and JIC, I worked in industry for nearly a decade – initially as a bilingual IT professional in Shanghai China, and then a systems analysis and a project consultant in Norwich Union (Aviva UK). Between 2011 and 2014, he was appointed as a post-doctoral scientist in bioinformatics by at the Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich Research Park). During this period of time, I was leading the development of high-throughput bioimage analysis algorithms and related software solutions to analyse large phenotypic datasets acquired by HCS (high content screening system), confocal microscopes and digital cameras.


Applying high-throughput bioimage informatics in crop science research using Scipy