Stefan Richthofer

Scientific background

Stefan Richthofer graduated 2009 at Ruhr-University Bochum/Germany in Mathematics. Since then he has been working as a PhD-student in computational neuroscience at the Institute For Neural Computation, suited also at Ruhr-University. For his research on Predictable Feature Analysis he uses Python extensively, especially NumPy and MDP (Modular Data Processing toolkit).

Contribution to the Python-ecosystem

Beneath Python, Stefan considers Java an important part of his programming repertoire and did a lot of minor projects with it. Thus he is excited about Jython and Java/Python integration in general. In May 2013 he started the JyNI project, which aims to enable Jython to use native C-Python extensions. In the same year he gave a poster-presentation on JyNI at EuroSciPy. In 2014 Stefan became a Jython-committer with the goal to improve some Jython-internals and hooks to better suit JyNI's requirements. In 2015 he attended PyCon in Montreal and presented the JyNI-project at the Python language summit. Recently Google Summer of Code accepted Stefan's application for a JyNI-related project.


JyNI - Prepare Jython for scientific code

Friday 12:15 p.m.–12:30 p.m. in Main conference room