RODRIGUES - next generation radio telescope calibration simulator using Docker and Django

Gijs Molenaar

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RODRIGUES stands for RATT Online Deconvolved Radio Image Generation Using Esoteric Software. It is a web based radio telescope calibration and imaging simulator. From a technical perspective it is a web based parameterised docker container scheduler with a result set viewer.


Radio astronomy has a long and rich computing related history, and with that comes a big pile of poorly written, fragile, and badly maintained legacy code. This problem is not unique to radio astronomy but is a common in various scientific fields. Although no quick solution exists when it comes to re-writing lots of legacy code, Docker helps to contain this fragile software, simplifies the installation and ensures that the software works. In this talk I will talk about RODRIGUES, an online radio telescope simulator leverage Docker, Django and related technologies. RODRIGUES itself is heavily based on the composition of containers, and can schedule parameterised scientific compute jobs contained by Docker.