Friday 2 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

Bokeh for Data Storytelling

Bryan Van de Ven

Audience level:


The Bokeh visualization library ( has grown into a large, successful open source project. This talk will describe Bokeh and show how it can enable domain experts to easily create novel and powerful visualizations that extract insight from remote, possibly large data sets, to be published to the web for others to explore and interact with.


  • Up and running (5 min) - What you need to install - How to make basic plots
  • Visual elements of Data (5 min) - Colors, widths, and alphas, oh my - Displaying relations between data values
  • Visualizing large datasets (5 min) - Faceting and sampling data - Displaying Twitter
  • Building interactive UI elements (5 min) - Widget interfaces - Exploring World Health data
  • Q&A (5 min)