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Cambridge, UK - 27-30 August 2014


Michael McKerns - Caltech / the UQ Foundation

Mike has been a research scientist at Caltech since 2002, where he has served as manager and lead developer for two ~$15M software projects on predictive science and large-scale computing. Mike was employed by Enthought, Inc in 2012. In the past five years, his software has been the backbone of several research projects on large-scale risk analysis and predictive science. Mike is a co-founder of the UQ Foundation, a non-profit for the advancement of predictive science, and co-creator of OUQ theory, a rigorous mathematical framework for uncertainty quantification.

Mike is the primary author of the software framework for uncertainty quantification (mystic) used by the $17M Caltech PSAAP Center for the Predictive Modeling and Simulation of High-Energy Density Dynamic Response of Materials, the $4M LANL Exascale Co-Design Center for Materials in Extreme Environments, and several other smaller DOE and DOD projects. Other software for which he is the primary author include pathos, dill, klepto, pyIDL, and pygrace.

Mike has over fifteen years of teaching experience, has given over a hundred conference and workshop presentations, and has taught both introductory and advanced python to thousands of students.


the failure of python object serialization: why HPC in python is broken, and how to fix it

Saturday 3:10 p.m.–3:20 p.m. in William Gates Building

you’re doing it wrong: the lack of reproducibility in statistical science, and how to fix it