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Cambridge, UK - 27-30 August 2014

Joshua Warner

Joshua Warner - Mayo Clinic

Joshua Warner

Educational Background

Graduated magna cum laude from Hope College in Holland, MI with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Physics and a minor in Mathematics. He is currently an MD/PhD candidate at Mayo Clinic, studying Biomedical Imaging in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Mr. Warner is nearing completion of the PhD phase of study in the MD/PhD program.

Python Experience

Several years of close collaboration with the developers of scikit-image culminated in an invitation to become a core developer on the project. Mr. Warner continues to contribute new features, review PRs, fix bugs, enhance documentation, and interact with new and existing community members for scikit-image. Mr. Warner has also contributed to other scientific Python projects; most notably, Mr. Warner completely re-wrote the np.pad algorithm between versions 1.7 and 1.8 of NumPy. The increase in speed was several orders of magnitude, and the results are available to all members of the Python community today.

Research & Presentation Experience

Mr. Warner conducted 3.5 years of undergraduate research in addition to his doctoral thesis work, resulting in over 30 poster and podium presentations and two first-author publications to date. Last year he was selected to present two podium presentations at SciPy 2013 in Austin, TX, recordings of which are available on YouTube. Mr. Warner was also honored to attend SciPy 2013 thanks to sponsored student support.


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