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Cambridge, UK - 27-30 August 2014

Jason Rudy

Jason Rudy - None

I am currently an independent data scientist in California. Most of my work has focused on predictive modeling in the healthcare industry as an employee or contractor at a few different companies. I am the author of the py-earth package, a scikit-learn compatible implementation of multivariate adaptive regression splines, as well as some other useful bits of open source code, most of which can be found on my github. Currently I am pursuing independent projects, including some generalizations of the MARS and other nonparametric regression methods to non-gaussian likelihood functions, particularly to estimating hazard functions for survival analysis. I am also interested in applications of machine learning to human education and in computer score following and polyphonic pitch recognition. Despite my computational inclination, my undergraduate education was in molecular biology and I have my M.S. in bioinformatics and medical informatics.


Generalizing nonparametric regression methods in Python

The multivariate adaptive regression splines algorithm and its implementation in py-earth