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EuroSciPy 2013

Brussels, Belgium - August 21-24 2013

Using Python for Clinical Prototyping

Thomas Pohl

Sat 24 2:40 p.m.–3 p.m. in Dupreel


Rapid prototyping is an essential method to get early feedback from customers and users of an application. For software that is used in a clinical environment for treating patients, however, the use of rapid prototyping is difficult due to the high standards and regulations that have to be met for developing, testing, and releasing such medical products.

This talk outlines the methods and techniques that have been developed and are currently in use at Siemens Healthcare to establish a rapid prototyping platform based on Python. A plug-in architecture allows for easy extensibility and adaption to the various requirements of different clinical prototypes. The main components of the platform are

  • PySide for the user interface,
  • NumPy and SciPy for image processing and general data handling, and
  • ZeroMQ for message passing.

The first clinical prototype based on this platform is an application to overlay previously acquired data from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data on live x-ray images during an intervention which is mainly used in pediatric cardiology for treating congenital heart diseases. The application is demonstrated using medical data from the clinical collaborator.