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EuroSciPy 2013

Brussels, Belgium - August 21-24 2013

IPython Advance Tutorial

Matthias BUSSONNIER , Min RK

Thu 22 2 p.m.–3:30 p.m. in H.1302


IPython provides tools for interactive and parallel computing that are widely used in scientific computing. We will show some uses of IPython for scientific applications, focusing on exciting recent developments, web-based notebook with code, graphics, and rich HTML.

This tutorial will be based on IPython in depth tutorial but will not introduced advance notion of IPython parallel.

Hopefully IPython 1.0 should have been released when this tutorial will be given, we will partly focus on new feature incuded since previous stable release which was almost a year old. The road from 0.13.x to 1.0 should have seen the integration of nbconvert into IPython core as well as some way to customise and write extension for the notebook.

In this advance tutorial we will mostly focus on the notebook format and capability of the IPython web notebook.

We will digg a little deeper into the stucture of ipynb files and see how this is relevant when using the display protocol and how to fully use it's power when writing python code. As the document format also support arbitrary metadata, we will look at how this could be use to customise the behavior of the notebook and the conversion process to different format.

Software Requirement:

  • Have IPython 1.0>= installed with the notebook. At the time of the tutorial it should be availlable through the usual distribution channel. pipy / EPD / Anaconda.
  • Please install the notebook locally, and do not rely on online services to provide it, be sure to have the right to modify IPython profile files as we will need to restart the server a few times during the tutorial.
  • Your favorite text editor.

Required knowledge:

  • Basic (I)Python,
  • knowing what javascript is,
  • some vague notion of html would be great.

It would be greate if you could come with some copy[*] of your own notebook to play with.

Tutorial material will most probably be hosted here :

With an EuroSciPy2013 Tag,

We remind to reader that static view of notebook can be seen without having to install IPython on

Extra Requirement / Recommended:

  • For nbconvert

    • Pandoc
    • Sphinx
  • view JS documentation locally :

    • NodeJS with Yuidoc
  • Developper tool for your browser

    • Already ok if you have chrome
    • probably Firebug if you have Firefox.
  • Full LaTeX stack if ou are interested by ipynb > tex > pdf conversion.

[*] we don't want you to loose data, so please make a backup ;-)